Application Performance Management

Proactively detect and resolve application performance issues before they affect end users. Simplify and automate management across application technologies — spanning physical infrastructures, cloud, internet, corporate networks, and content delivery networks.

With Application Performance Management from BMC, you will:

  • Exceed business expectations and increase customer loyalty by understanding business impact, including how application performance affects user behavior — and how that behavior impacts the bottom line
  • Ensure reliable, high-performing applications by detecting problems 90% faster and by slashing the time it takes to repair problems
  • Exceed service levels and see gains in customer satisfaction by avoiding costly, reputation damaging application slowdowns and outages
  • Support business needs for new applications, releases, and technology changes by understanding the impact of these changes on end-user performance
  • Remove barriers to virtualization and cloud by managing enterprise, SaaS, and cloud applications uniformly — from the user to middleware to mainframe to cloud; from mobile devices to the data center.
  • Drive down costs and restore services faster by empowering less senior staff with intelligent monitoring and automation
  • Achieve rapid return on investment with scalable, easy to deploy solution

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