Data Management

Improve the availability and performance of critical data. Support and enhance the performance, availability, and recoverability of key systems and data across your enterprise. Learn more about how intelligent automation will help you construct an enterprisewide backup and recovery strategy with common functionally and usage across database platforms.

For Mainframe:

  • Perform just enough maintenance, just in time, only on the databases that need it
  • Eliminate downtime for planned maintenance and prevent problems that cause unplanned outages
  • Remove the guesswork from data management, and let less experienced DBAs manage highly complex environments

For Distributed Systems:

  • Maximize availability and reduce risk through intelligent backup and recovery
  • Centralize backup and recovery management across the enterprise with support for Oracle, Sybase, DB2 UDB, and SQL Server databases
  • Perform fast and efficient database backup to reduce risk
  • Storage Management

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