Database Automation

Manage change and maintain compliance across all of your enterprise database platforms

Key capabilities include:

  • Role-based access control
  • Automated discovery of database configurations
  • Automated deployment, including complex configurations and dependencies
  • Automated upgrades and patching for standalone and clustered databases
  • Rolling patch deployments to minimize downtime and business disruptions
  • Ability to deploy and roll-back change across multiple databases and database clusters
  • Integration with other BMC BladeLogic solutions

With BMC products, you will:

  • Reduce IT costs by getting the most out your highly qualified resources and database infrastructure
  • Improve quality of service by ensuring databases are properly configured and architectural complexities, such as clustering, are handled with minimal disruption
  • Improve application rollouts by reducing failure of multi-tier applications
  • Consistently enforce compliance across your database infrastructure
  • Support a hybrid data center by automatically discovering and managing complex database configurations across multiple platforms

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