Atrium Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Automatically discover physical and virtual IT assets and applications — and the relationships between them. Reduce costs while dramatically simplifying critical IT initiatives such as virtualization and cloud computing, software license management, data center consolidation, disaster recovery, and change impact management. Comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Provides the industry's largest open library of predefined product configurations (32,000+ updated monthly) and a large, active community of users sharing knowledge
  • Provides critical, historical context by linking all discovered data back to its source
  • Seamlessly integrates with key IT management systems, third-party CMDBs, and the market-leading BMC Atrium CMDB
  • Includes reference data for hardware power consumption and heat dissipation and for software end-of-life dates
  • Requires no software to be installed on discovered devices
  • Encrypts passwords and communication and has been tested against industry-standard penetration tools
  • Includes automated diagnostics that quickly identify the location and cause of any discovery issue

With BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, you will:

  • Get up and running quickly and see an immediate improvement in the quality of discovered data
  • Understand the link between the IT infrastructure and business services
  • Uncover cost reduction and consolidation opportunities
  • Ensure stakeholder confidence in discovered data
  • Provide trusted configuration data and service maps to key management systems and CMDBs
  • Spend less time researching root cause of discovery issues and more time on strategic initiatives

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