metaWEAVE has developed application based BMC Remedy Action Request System (AR System).

The AR System offers the fastest means to prototype, deploy, maintain, and iterate new service management applications.

Using a form-based environment and a drag-and-drop workflow interface, administrators can quickly and easily build and adapt applications.

An easy-to-use user interface with simple point and-click operations allows even non-technical business managers to design and automate their business processes.
Auto deployment capabilities allow you to publish the Web pages and other files that constitute an application to the Web server of your choice and link them to any BMC Remedy AR System server.

You have the flexibility to choose the navigation methods such as personalized portals, navigation bars, and next/previous wizards that best meet your users' needs.

Custom Applications
Operational Workforce Management (OWFM)
Field Support Geo Tagging
Resource Management (HR/Infrastructure/Subcontractors)
Route Planning & Resource Assignment
Bootstock & Inventory Management
Workflow Manager
Bi-Directional Mesaging
AD Discovery
Email Branding Module
Barcode Scanning Solution
MailFax Module
Telecommunications solutions
Site Management
Site Access Management
Customer Care
NOC Fault Management
Site Rollout Management
TELCO Worksorder
Signal Registry Translator

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