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Even though the BMC Remedy ITSM suite is a robust, best practice workflow tool, all the processes have been designed based on the ITIL framework. This is very good if the process flows to follow are only IT Service management based. There are however complex business flows, or then special project process flows that does not follow the ITIL processes. Business needs a tool that can rapidly build complex process flows, change the flows even while hundreds of open workflow requests are still being serviced. The system need to be able to backtrack and re-execute parts of the flow. Furthermore each task executed in the flow needs to be able to follow strict SLA rules. If a task or a combination of tasks takes longer than the allowed time, escalation rules will notify the correct management structures to intervene. The tool needs to integrate into the existing Approval engine, Assignment engine and Service Request Management of the IT Service management suite.

metaWEAVE built an even faster process modeling tool, on top of the already Rapid Application Development building blocks of the BMC Remedy AR System. With the robust BMC Remedy AR System that has been proven to be a workhorse system - to handle thousands of concurrent users - combined with the metaWEAVE Workflow Manager running on top of the platform, flows can be built nearly as fast as our customers can design them. Vastly different process flows have been built in this tool - from medical aid, manufacturing, banking, Telco service providers and IT service providers has been built using the metaWEAVE Workflow Manager.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The metaWEAVE Workflow manager integrates into the BMC Service Request Management (SRM) module. All process flows can be initiated from the familiar corporate portal provided by SRM.
  • Any approvals that need to be executed during the complex flow can integrate to the approval engine. This uses the familiar Approval console for ease of use purposes.
  • The same Foundation Data Layer used to configure the BMC Remedy ITSM tool is used in the metaWEAVE workflow manager. This means that Support Groups, People Information, Company and department information does not have to be captured twice. All of the familiar existing data structures is used by the metaWEAVE workflow manager.
  • Dynamic Process Changes: The metaWEAVE workflow manager supports the rollback of segments, of complex flows, and can re-execute based on decision outcomes. The process flows can jump from one process to another and even back based on the requirement of the complex flow.
  • Dynamic Form “Popping”: Based on what phase a task needs to be executed in a process flow, a particular input form can be “Popped” to be filled in. This implies that information is gathered all across the process flow, and this is where the power of the metaWEAVE workflow manager is demonstrated. Without the need of development, required fields can be defined based on the progress of the process flow.
  • Process Change with open Requests Supported: With many workflow systems the challenge exists that flows cannot be dynamically adapted with open tasks still part of the flow. If a process flow is properly changed, all open tasks will be completed and will continue with the adapted workflow when the workflow blueprint once changed.
  • Once all the input forms are designed, no programming is required. In other words a normal business administrator user can change and adapt process flows without the need for a developer.
  • Service Level Agreements: Each task can be configured to allow only a certain amount of time before starting to escalate to management, if not completed within the allowed time.

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