AD Discovery

Business Value:

Many companies use the Active Directory as the master source for People information. A clear benefit exists to have one master source that handles basic person information as well as the access permissions to the system.

The People Active Directory integration is a module developed by Remedy Integrated Solutions on the BMC Action Request System platform that interrogates the Active Directory and automatically synchronizes the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite foundation data with the Active Directory People Data.

A ata mapping (data translation) portion exists in order to map information defined in the Active Directory to foundation data in the ITSM module. This will ensure that People information created in the BMC Remedy ITSM suite conforms to the standards set throughout the application.

  • New Person - Validation Successful, Record does not exist in People in Remedy so a record will be created. Auto data translation will occur.
  • Changed Person - Validation Successful, Person does exist in People database in Remedy but has changed in the Active Directory. Profile Status, Last Name, Email Address and Business Phone number are used for updates.
  • No Change - Validation Successful, Person does exist in People database and no data has changed.
  • Error - Indicates that an error has occurred either in the processing or due to lack or quality of data.
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