Barcode Scanning Solution

Business Challenge

The complexity and changes in today's distributed IT environments make it difficult to manage the installation, movement, additions, changes and de-commissioning of IT inventory and assets. Conventional IT wisdom suggests that at the core of any efficient system is data which is only as good as the capture process that protects its integrity.

Business Need

  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to handle Asset and Inventory movement in the organization
  • Avoid "finger trouble" errors associated with manual data input
  • Dramatically speed up the process of inventory/goods data input
  • Enforce process compliance
  • Move items effortlessly between stores, vendors and logical containers
  • Need the ability to scan inventory and assets with or without network connectivity
  • Barcode scanner Manufacturer independence
  • Streamline interactions with change, incident, problem, and configuration management processes

Our Solution
metaWEAVE's Barcode Scanning Solution helps you assists with reducing asset movement costs, improve inventory management, build topology relationships and improve your return on investment with a time saving, practical tool.

Its native integration with workflows from various technologies empowers you with more proactive control and greater visibility into your assets throughout their operational life cycles. This tool's ability to work online or off-line will ensure that the Asset Management Database or CMDB is up to date with verified current information of movements.

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