Bi-Directional Messaging

Enhances the BMC Remedy ITSM Email system with bi-directional integration to all modules.

Business Value:
metaWEAVE Email Integration module primarily provides the functionality to create/update Incidents and associated Work info records within BMC Incident Management automatically, with full Error trapping and notifications and/or automatically logging of incidents to preconfigured recipients. Information can be extracted at runtime from an email and included in the transaction.

  • Create Incidents automatically from Emails sent from requesters.
  • Update Incidents automatically from Emails sent from Assigned to people.
  • Create Work Info entries linked to incidents automatically from related people.
  • Dynamically extract information from the Email Message and utilise this information in the transactions described previously.
  • Automatic notification and/or Incident logging in the event that the Integration fails, with full explanation of failure.
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