Customer Care

Your customers need you now more than ever. They view their phones, devices and network connections as "lifelines," and each new generation of technology and equipment brings added complexities—for both of you.

However, pricing wars and declining margins are putting the squeeze on your budget. You worry about the costs associated with bumping up service levels, but know there is a compelling business case for increasing interaction quality and resolving customer inquiries the first time around. In fact, improving first contact resolution rates—alone—typically increases customer retention by as much as 30 percent.

With so much to gain on the financial and loyalty fronts, why are service challenges still so pervasive? When "stepping over dollars to pick up pennies" is standard operating procedure, how do you turn it around?

metaWEAVE Customer Service Request Application is not just about technology—it can help you gather information to assemble and collect customer's master data information and records for record keeping. The solution also helps connect the various systems so they share customer information, and integrate it with financial and other business systems across the enterprise. The solution is then able to apply analytics to this information to build more intelligence into your customer-facing systems and put the information customer care representatives need at their fingertips.

metaWEAVE Customer Service Request Application is designed to help enhance customer service, allowing your business to:
  • Quickly introduce new services and plans to improve competitiveness and increase the average revenue per user.
  • Analyze customer behavior and improve business processes to deliver the right products, services and support at the right time.
  • Enhance the customer experience across all services, business models and channels, driving higher customer retention.
  • Increase business flexibility with agile and efficient business models that can quickly react to opportunities.
  • Consolidate systems rather than having to rely on multiple, disparate applications. All relevant information at hand for the Customer Care environment.
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