Event Known Error Database Manager (EKEDB)

To effectively route and action Error Events

Business Value:
With the wider acceptance of ITIL as a guideline to deliver service, the drive is for IT organizations to move from a chaos/re-active management mode to a pro-active value-providing mode.

This implies that tools are needed to enable the correct team of IT staff to quickly respond to any eventuality that my impact the availability of these systems. Various tools exist to monitor IT infrastructure (servers, rooters, switches etc) and non IT infrastructure. Errors occurring in the environment are routed to the AR System. This is where the Event Known Error Database enables an Event Manager to pre-define actions that needs to be taken for various events. In essence a database of Known event errors is built up, as well as the actions that needs to be taken to address these errors.

These actions include the following:

  • Auto Help Desk - A Help Desk ticket can be automatically created and assigned to the appropriate group. The status of the Event will be in "Assigned" as long as the Help Desk ticket is not resolved.
  • Notification - A notification can be sent to an User or a Group
  • Auto Close - An Event has its own status flow. The status of the Event can be auto closed. This will generally hold for Info Events .
  • Correlation - Correlation indicates that an Error state that occurred with a previous Event was corrected. If a node was down and up again, a correlation Event will be received. This means that the error Event will be closed, and that if a related Help Desk ticket exists, that the appropriate people working on the ticket will be notified
  • Routes errors, warning and change events from Event Managers to the correct support team
  • Move from re-active to pro-active IT infrastructure change detection by mapping key attributes to the Event Known Error Database (EKEDB)
  • Integrates to the BMC ITSM Suite.
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