NOC Fault Management

To the vast majority of customers, a telecommunications network is as complicated as the key pad on their mobile phone. What many are unaware of is that there is a plethora of software and hardware behind their antenna, working to provide standard service such as voice, SMS, MMS and data. Base stations unravel the complete air interface protocols from mobile devices, passing service request like call initialization to call switching centers. These in turn are responsible for locating and routing such requests to their ultimate destination – be they a fixed line phone or mobile device.

An operator typically has to focus on two aspects of running a telecommunications service – the customer who pays for the service and the equipment that provides the service. Of utmost importance to an operator is the customer. It is the customer who ultimately provides the income to the business. So keeping the customer happy is imperative to the health of the business. Ultimately a customer will be most concerned about whether he is getting value for money for the service being provided.

The NOC Fault Management – Trouble Ticket Application is a proven solution to Log, Manage and Maintain Trouble Tickets within Operational environments and will manage the complete lifecycle, from first submit through to resolution and closure of Network related problems, incidents and queries. The Application supports on-site processes, policies and procedures and facilitates capturing of resolution activities that assist in the building of a site specific Knowledge database. A full set of Reports ships with the Application.

Some Key Benefits:
  • Rapidly support any equipment coming into the network, regardless of vendor or technology.
  • Ensure 24/7 network availability by pinpointing and solving problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve service performance through TT monitoring and quality of service analysis.
  • Speed return on investment by optimizing resource utilization.
  • Automatic TT routing to the appropriate technician.
  • Free staff from performing time consuming manual activities.
  • Reduce operational costs by streamlining business processes and maximizing efficiency.
  • Prioritize problem resolution by obtaining a real-time consolidated view of service status.
  • Detect potentially service-impacting problems before they become crises.
  • Avoid SLA violations by identifying service degradations in real-time.
  • Improve service performance based on historical service analysis.
  • Centralized tracking of all network failure related tickets.
  • Instantaneous notification of network failures enables relevant resources to ensure maximum Infrastructure availability - Generate Email/SMS notifications.
  • Auto ticket generation on failure of network devices or notifications sent by any application.
  • Download TT Datasheet (.pdf)

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