Signal Registry Translator

In any fast moving IT Service Management environment that is integrated to multiple clients, business partners or 3rd party vendors a solution is needed to be able to integrate to other service desks without duplicating efforts and redevelopment of software. The MetaWEAVE Signal Registry Translation (SRT) module provides this in a "plug and play" type functionality. Together with an ESB it can take on new Incident Case Exchange integrations in a very short time without having to do any hard software coding.

A few of the main benefits include:

  • Console to run reports and monitor the different integrations in one glance
  • Easy configurations for the integration data and rules
  • Can integrate to any ESB that supports SOA principles

The module reduces the amount of time in which Outsourced or insources clients or departments can be taken on with minimum or almost no rework.

The preferred standard is to use a middleware layer to ensure that both service desks are protected and that only the relevant information is securely and bi-directionally transported automatically with guaranteed delivery and relevant service level metrics between systems and companies.

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