Site Rollout Management

metaWEAVE’s approach is based on a fully integrated solution. We integrate the planning functions of radio, transmission, core and IN into a single unified design (Change Management / Site Management) that reflects a single view of a Site within your network infrastructure.

Site Rollout:
  • Implement full rollout process from SAR to site on air and acceptance
  • Prepare site database with all milestones
  • Perform TSS and generate TSSR and full database update
  • Assure site specification based on approved standard
  • Perform site visit, site acceptance
  • Manage civil work contractors to assure site delivery based on monthly defined target
  • Follow up with TE supplier all installation activities till site on Air
  • Implement reporting system to assure total transparency with client
Core Rollout:
  • Follow up location construction progress to assure standard quality and prerequisite for node installation
  • Assure node installation based on approved time plan
  • Follow up all node integration activities including all testing scenarios
  • Perform technical node acceptance with supplier
  • Assure node performance after start up
Network Optimization:
  • Initial tuning of new site on air to assure site KPI based on client benchmark
  • Periodic drive test to measure network coverage and performance per cluster and perform benchmark with other operator
  • HW optimization to assure best coverage level
  • Implement full optimization process to maintain network performance

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