Task Manager

Business Value:

Facilitates the automation of complex business process and handles various different tasks in the process in an automated systematic manner. The implemented solution ensures that service levels can be tracked and escalation configured to manage breaches or potential breaches.

For companies that strive to move to a paperless environment (keep track of electronic documents) this is an idea tool to use. It is shipped with a generic scanner driver in order to integrate to various scanning devices.

  • Allows a business user to easily define or amend process flows;
  • Supports a multi organisation structure;
  • The task flow can be designed to initiate tasks based upon the prerequisite prior tasks having been complete and thereby enforces users to follow the defined process. This enhances the traditional parallel and sequential mode of task execution.
  • Process flow changes dynamically based on outcome of decision tasks;
  • Document scanning incorporated into task flow for a paperless environment;
  • Task types include:
    • Action – user intervention needed to make decisions;
    • System – tasks are driven systematically;
    • Documents – to be produced systematically via OLE;
    • Notification – send notification via email, SMS, and alert.
  • SMS integration can be outbound, inbound or both.
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