TELCO Worksorder

Trying to gain some control over your operational departments?  With the Work Order application you no longer need to worry if your site upgrades, preventive maintenance tasks etc. knowing they will be completed through a managed and planned process.  The metaWEAVE Telco Suite’s Work Order Application equips you with powerful tools and features to completely automate your work order program management by minimizing operator input during startup and normal operations.

The planning process is by far the most important of the work order software. The maintenance organization has many systems and procedures to assist in managing the operation. Scheduling repair procedures is one of those systems and requires software that is used in the planning process and provides a means of communication along with providing instructions, and when complete provides an audit trail and records. The communication is a maintenance work order request for specific tasks to be performed. The work request can come from any authorized environment or individual.

The metaWEAVE Telco Suite’s Work Order Application management system interface provides an easy way for management to review the request and determine the parts needed, then once the parts are all verified received, the technician best suited for the job can be assigned. The technician's job becomes easier and more efficient because all the needed materials are already on site and set aside for that job. When properly planned, the job will proceed smoothly to completion, on time and be done correctly the first time. The metaWEAVE Telco Suite’s Work Order Application allows you to do the most important jobs first. Setting priorities and sorting the list by priority can help you be sure those important jobs get done first.

The metaWEAVE Telco Suite’s Work Order Application also helps to establish answers to the questions about the job. The what, where, when, how, and why's of every job are answered. This is an integral part of your work order procedures and will establish your staff as an organized and results-oriented operation. The right programs create stability in your maintenance routines and provide you with a means to complete scheduled tasks on a regular basis without need to worry about them not being completed or missed. Some available applications included in the Suite enable you to determine the best type of task a request should be as well as when you want it to be scheduled during your routine maintenance. You can use them for setting up your scheduled preventive maintenance tasks as well to be sure you have the right tasks generating when they should.

As the metaWEAVE Telco Suite’s Applications becomes more familiar in your scheduling environment, you will find that your maintenance will become more organized. With equipment task information all in one place, you now have a central location to review all your management information. Easily update or modify information as it changes to keep your information accurate and completely up-to-date. When changes are made, they will be accessible to all users of the system.

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