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  Client: Commercial banking group
Type of service: Merchant acquiring

The business challenge
The financial services industry demands much from its IT partners. In this fast-changing and highly competitive environment, an IT solution has to adapt to the business requirements and roll out new services to customers in the shortest possible time.

metaWEAVE was contracted by one of South Africa's leading commercial banks to assist with the implementation of a new card payment system.

The complexities of ensuring that governance and procedural processes are aligned and auditable may pose seemingly insurmountable challenges when it comes to timeously rolling out market leading initiatives and products. This often results in comprehensive paper trials and disparate processes that are time consuming and ineffective. More importantly such clumsiness is completely at odds with the lucrative business opportunities associated with first-mover advantage in credit, debit and smart card, as well as cell phone and online services.

metaWEAVE was faced with the mammoth task of supporting this business service from start to end. The solution had to allow end users access to a multiple of systems for both client information and the technology that support it, as well as back-end processing systems. Adding to the complexity was the requirement that service providers, vendors and suppliers should be efficiently managed to meet their services targets.

The client has a client base of approximately 40 000 users and supports approximately 120 000 point-of-sale (POS) devices, covering 10 different types, each with its own configuration abilities and design. The devices are also associated with different merchant types in different business sectors, and need to be installed, maintained, upgraded and swapped out continuously. The bank has to ensure that the devices are configured correctly, based on the merchant category, and that the correct card profiles are set to prevent fraudulent activity.

The solution
Employing a combination of market leading BMC service management solutions and innovative development, metaWEAVE successfully provided the client with an end-to-end solution. This was done with a combination of the BMC Service Management Suite® of products, as well as client-specific development on AR System ®. The key components are the BMC Service Desk, BMC Asset and configuration management together with the metaWEAVE Scanning Solution ®, BMC Service Level Management and BMC Service Request Management.

The back-end mainframe and vendor systems, including the terminal manager application, were integrated. The latter is the front-end to the terminal services deployed on the customer side. Integrations included ftp, ODBC, Web-Services, email to incident, direct SQL, API as well as integration with the internal SMS and fax portals for incoming and outgoing text messages and faxes.

The result
With the implementation of an integrated solution, efficiencies were greatly improved in several ways:
  • Front line staff can now do the full set-up and configuration of a potential client, as all the back-end configuration is done upfront. The frontline staff simply have to select from a pre-defined list of merchant types, plan options, terminal types, etc., based on the selections made. Previously, this had to be assigned to relevant users to ensure compliance.
  • New clients can get the services faster and therefore start transacting faster.
  • Front-line staff manage work orders from one single console, enabling them to relay feedback to users regarding the status of service requests and implementations, as well as pro-actively escalate service outages before it impacts clients.
  • Trend analysis can now be done to identify repetitive problems and institute measures to prevent them from recurring.
Following the successful implementation, metaWeave continues to play an integral part in the client's ongoing business success. With our knowledge of the financial services environment and access to innovative value-add technology, we can map the business requirements to the solution stack and continuously introduce new technology to the market.

Key success factors
  • Skills: We fulfilled our commitments because we clarified the client's requirements upfront, enabling our highly skilled consultants to execute flawlessly.
  • Flexibility: Although most systems can meet the needs of most businesses, this client required a particularly specialised solution. Our flexibility and knowledge allowed us to provide them with the required configuration complexity.
  • Best-of-breed technology: Although certain components were very specific to the client and the environment, metaWEAVE successfully combined these with market-leading software in the service desk and asset management applications.
  • Integration: The solution integrated various internal and external elements to give the client a single point of reference.
  • Adoption: A system is as good as the information it captures. metaWEAVE assisted the client through training and handholding to adopt the new system and appreciate its value and advantages.

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