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  Client: A Broad Band and Mobile Phone service provider
Type of service: Converged Services

The business challenge
Our client is a specialist provider of communications services and solutions to the sub-Saharan corporate, enterprise and small business sector. It has established a reputation as one of the most respected and innovative players in the provision of physical networking links and connectivity in the country.

The company's world-class data center furthermore strongly positions it as a provider of managed services – from creating a secure environment for its customers to conduct their business in, through to mission critical services such as e-mail, backup, archiving and converged data/voice services.

Our client called on metaWEAVE to assist with existing infrastructure issues that were preventing the company from realising its vision for business growth. At the time, they had multiple help desks and no effective system to categorise incidents/tickets. The lack of end-to-end visibility of incidents/tickets, resulted in the same problem being solved repeatedly without the root cause being addressed. In most instances, problem solving depended on tribal knowledge in the absence of a knowledge management approach and system. The client found itself stuck in firefighting mode.

Change management was the other major area in which our client requested assistance from metaWEAVE. The company was faced with incomplete or non-existent change tracking, and unauthorised changes that detract from service availability and business profitability. Staff had a limited knowledge of applications or systems affected by changes, hence there was no understanding of the risk implications. Change requests furthermore provided insufficient information and there was a lack of governance over change processes. Last, but not least serious, they had no means of understanding whether a change was successful or not.

The solution

The help desk solution we implemented enables the following:
  • A single help desk platform integrated to CMDB, Change and Problem Management. Integration also extends to monitoring systems for auto ticket creation and triage.
  • Out-of-the box categorization/classification.
  • An integrated central knowledge base.
  • Incident pattern matching to allow the identification of trends and proactive problem solving.
  • Automated resolution of known problems.
  • Service request management to divert routine tasks from the help desk and automate service delivery.
The change management solution resulted in:
  • Change Management fully integrated to help desk and Problem Management.
  • Robust collision detection capability to map risk implications.
  • Fully auditable change tracking.
  • Role-based access control to eliminate rogue changes.
  • A view of mission critical applications.
  • Out-of-the box customisable change request forms with forms control.
  • Change validation/certification.
The benefits
Our client improved their service delivery to their internal and external customers. This improved quality of service delivery that in turn improved employee productivity by ensuring that problems are resolved, questions are answered, and requests are logged promptly. Having a solid service desk, where agents can quickly prioritise issues based on business impact, also helped our client to prevent or minimise service outages of business-critical services and the associated lost revenues.

Key success factors
metaWEAVE and our client have successfully managed to deliver on three key areas critical to their success :
  • Standardising on proven best practice processes
  • Adopting a standard service desk technology that supports best practices
  • Getting buy-in from the people on the front lines of customer service — both external and internal

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