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  Client: Government
Type of service: Contact centre

The business challenge
In the early 21st Century, money laundering had become a challenge in developing countries such as South Africa. Criminals targeted these countries because of their lack of monitoring mechanism and enforced compliance.

In an attempt to combat such illegal activities, which often result in the financing of terrorism and related activities, the South African government legislated FIC Act No. 38 in 2001. About a year later, an agency was formed to enforce compliance with the Act.

Given how new the legislation was, the agency was inundated with requests for information from businesses and individuals alike. The agency had made different communication channels available and received correspondence via telephone, email, fax and its website. However, in setting up the agency no central system was implemented for the flow of correspondence. This resulted in difficulties when it came to consolidated reporting and managing feedback to the clients.

The agency contracted metaWEAVE to design and implement a central system from where all the interactions could be captured, consolidated and managed.

The solution
We provided an end-to-end solution by implementing the BMC AR System® platform. The metaWEAVE Workflow Automation tool was the basis of the process flow component. The client information structure was built according to the client's specifications and incorporated in the process.

The application collates all emails, online queries and faxes, and delivers them to the agency officer's application inbox. Call centre agents also capture telephone enquiries on the same application.

The result
The agency now has a central and consolidated view of all the queries it receives. Workforce management has improved due to the efficient allocation of enquiries to officers. As a result, reporting has improved and the SLA between the agency and government is managed constructively.

Key success factors
  • metaWEAVE approached the FIC project not as a supplier, but as a partner. Our partnership with the client resulted in an in-depth understanding of the business requirements and commitment from all involved to follow the project through to full benefits realisation.

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