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  Client: Health Risk Management
Type of service: Occupational health risk solution

The business challenge
Our client is a private health risk company that assists organisations with absenteeism management, ill health retirement management, occupational medical evaluations and executive management evaluations.

As this is a niche service within the medical industry, the client could not find an out-of-box solution to manage the different components of their business processes. They approached metaWEAVE for a system solution that could support the following processes:
  • A hard copy application form, received via courier or fax, needs to be recorded. The document has to be accessible throughout the processing lifecycle of the application, and leave an audit trail as it moves from one department to another. As there is an SLA per application, it is imperative to record and manage the time it takes to process every application.
  • External vendors, ie, medical practitioners, conduct independent consultations and complete medical assessments which are entered into the system. Depending on the outcome of these assessments, secondary processes are initiated or repeated.
  • Financial entries, such as purchase orders and invoices, have to be managed with auditable checks and balances to ensure accuracy.
The solution
metaWEAVE implemented the BMC Rapid Application Development platform and using the MetaWeave Workflow ManagerĀ® as the basis of the process flow component. Our business analysis and consultation division built the information structure and process flows based on the client's requirement and incorporated it into the process.

The metaWEAVE solution included:
  • Scanning of application forms into the system. All authorised users now have access to an electronic copy of the application.
  • One central portal or queue from where work is managed.
  • A soft-configurable process flow to manage primary and secondary workflows with a full audit trail in the form of a user/timestamp.
  • Electronic creation of documents based on pre-defined templates, with information captured in the system.
  • Reporting via an enterprise reporting system.
  • Dashboards based on SLA and service targets.
  • Notifications based on pre-defined thresholds
The benefits
The client replaced its existing fragmented solution set, which included hand-written logs and cover sheets and electronic spread sheets, with a single platform which enables employees to manage the process from one central console.

The solution enables cross-skilling of staff in certain areas to optimise efficiency and decrease costs.

Customers can now get a real-time update on the status of their applications. When service calls have to be assigned to 2nd line support personnel, such as medical staff, they are directed to the person doing the assessment as this information is carried on the system.

The back-end systems, especially the financial solution, were integrated to ensure a full circle implementation. Purchase orders and sales orders are now created on the financial solution using the applications details, ensuring alignment between applications and payments.

Key success factors
  • Flexibility: metaWEAVE demonstrated how a single platform can adapt to dynamic business requirements and allow the business to change without being restricted by system limitations.
  • Skills: The solution was successfully built to the client's specifications based on proper business analysis and design. Workshops were done with all the role players to ensure all angles of the solution were covered.

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