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  Client: Mobile services provider
Type of service: IT service management and integration

The business challenge
An exploratory discussion between metaWEAVE and the business services division of one of South Africa's major mobile companies, revealed significant, and potentially crippling, challenges in terms of IT service management tools, processes and integration.

The business services division was the product of several mergers and acquisitions. As a result, many of the original companies' service management and infrastructure management systems were still in use.

At the time metaWEAVE engaged, the client had already bought the BMC Remedy solution to provide a standard service management platform with integrations to and from the legacy and planned future systems.

It soon transpired, however, that the challenges had not been resolved. The division's staff resisted the new system as it did not reflect the processes they were familiar with. Integration to and from the service desk was not functioning, resulting in data that was either irrelevant or not available. As a consequence, service managers and executives did not trust the reporting and refused to champion adoption of the new system across the business. The net result was that people had reverted to manual methods and the client was considering alternative solutions and service providers.

The solution
metaWEAVE started with an audit of the current system and high-level service management processes. Our results provided the client with a clear root cause analysis, as well as a proposal on how to resolve the situation. metaWEAVE developed and implemented customised modules to compliment the BCM Remedy solution, while ensuring that system integrity and master data management remain intact. As a result, we stabilised the service desk and related integrations; optimised the architecture, processes and systems; trained the users; and entered into a contract to maintain the systems.

The result
metaWEAVE was asked to assist the client with driving their IT service management and related systems integration projects. We were also contracted to support other areas of the business where traditional systems or processes are either problematic or where end users are slow to adopt new systems.

Key success factors
  • Reputation: Based on metaWEAVE's track record in the industry, the client afforded us the opportunity to analyse the situation and provide a structured approach to resolve the problems.
  • Quick results: The audit was completed within a matter of days.
  • Practical approach: The audit report was detailed and proposed concrete short, medium and long-term actions. The roadmap was developed in consultation with the client.
  • Shared risk: The quick-win actions were implemented as quickly as possible and delivered tangible results with a minimal financial and resource impact on the client. The initial success opened the door to a longer term professional services agreement required by the client to provide continuous improvement.
  • Skills: We fulfilled our commitments because we clarified the client's requirements upfront, enabling our highly skilled consultants to execute effectively.
  • Flexibility: Although most systems can meet the needs of most businesses, this client required a particularly specialised solution. Our flexibility and knowledge allowed us to provide them with the required configuration complexity.

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