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  Client: SOE in broadband space
Type of service: Asset management implementation and audit

The business challenge
Our client is a state-owned enterprise (SOE) that was created to boost South Africa's broadband penetration. In the past 7 years, the country has slipped to 9th position in Africa in terms of broadband infrastructure.

The client's business comprises two key elements:
  1. A national long distance fibre optic network that provides high capacity telecommunication services between all major metropolitan centres. It is being expanded to extend connectivity to identified smaller cities and rural areas.
  2. An international marine cable network that is currently being manufactured. It will be deployed between South Africa and the United Kingdom.
In 2009, metaWEAVE secured a tender to supply an asset management system and conduct an audit of all the company sites across the country.

The solution
metaWEAVE implemented a full BMC ITSM Asset Management system to manage several billion rands worth of highly sophisticated telecommunications equipment as well as the related contracts and depreciation.

For the audit, metaWEAVE visited 168 remote sites, often only identified by GPS co-ordinates, and captured all assets into the system. In order to create the "parent-child" relationships that existed in the remote containers (they function as fibre optic repeaters), metaWEAVE developed a barcode scanner application. The application works offline or in real time to capture relationships, scan both linear and two-dimensional barcodes and stage data for direct input to the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

The audit was a resounding success. Approximately 17 000 assets were scanned, consolidated and captured with their respective relationships in only 3 weeks. The total system implementation was completed and signed off by the client in 3 months.

The results
The systems role has since been expanded to include more of the client's processes. With the assistance of the metaWEAVE consultants, the company has established transparency through governance processes that can be measured and audited.

Due to the extremely high value of so many of the items deployed in the client's environment – a single card costs as much as R750 000 – real cost savings have been realised by preventing unnecessary purchases.

A clear view of where the inventory is, allows for proper national distribution, preventing unnecessary down time.

Key success factors
  • Business acumen: Partnering with the client and understanding their exact requirements has allowed us to deliver a world-class solution to a SOE which will have a pivotal role to play in securing South Africa's competitiveness in the broadband space.
  • Skills: metaWEAVE's technical expertise, combined with the power and flexibility of the Remedy Rapid Application Development platform, enabled us to create a bespoke solution that was tailor-made for the client's requirements.
  • Implementation: Careful and detailed planning, comprehensive documentation management and on-going training ensured an efficient and coordinated rollout.
  • Experience: Our proven project methodology, with its keen focus on quality, was rewarded with exceptionally high data integrity levels.

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